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Fri, 4/258:00pmEighties Enough
Sat, 4/268:00pmThe Remedy
Sat, 4/268:00pmRed Solo Cup Party!
Fri, 5/28:00pmLady Invidia
Sat, 5/31:30pmTime Flies
Sat, 5/38:00pmSimon Sez
Thu, 5/88:00pmHoni House Band
Sat, 5/101:30pmEasy Street Band
Sat, 5/108:00pmCinco de Mayo!
Sat, 5/108:00pmKing Street
Sat, 5/178:00pmBrother Short
Fri, 5/234:30pmPat O'Brennan Duo
Sat, 5/241:30pmThe Remedy
Fri, 5/304:30pmThe Abilene Band
Sat, 5/311:30pmAmerican Band
Fri, 6/64:30pmChannel Cats
Fri, 6/69:00pmEighties Enough
Sat, 6/71:30pmOccasional Reign
Sat, 6/79:00pmKing Street
Fri, 6/139:00pmBill Ali Band
Sat, 6/145:00pmDeep Creek's Got Ta...
Mon, 6/163:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 6/165:00pmPerry and Sean Kamp
Sat, 6/219:00pmShallow 9
Mon, 6/233:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 6/235:00pmPat O'Brennan Duo
Fri, 6/274:30pmThe Remedy
Sat, 6/289:00pmLady Invidia
Mon, 6/303:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 6/305:00pmCrazy Nites
Tue, 7/14:00pmBrother Short
Wed, 7/24:00pmAmerican Band
Thu, 7/31:30pmSubway
Sat, 7/51:30pmOriginal Fantasy's
Mon, 7/73:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 7/75:00pmGood Guys Duo
Sat, 7/121:30pmJumpin' Jack Flash
Sat, 7/129:00pmScheer Element
Mon, 7/143:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 7/145:00pmSoul Shine
Fri, 7/184:30pmKing Street
Sat, 7/199:00pmFinally Free
Mon, 7/213:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 7/215:00pmPerry and Sean Kamp
Fri, 7/254:00pmStreet Level
Sat, 7/261:00pmHoni Summer Luau an...
Sat, 7/269:00pmShallow 9
Mon, 7/283:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 7/285:00pmChannel Cats
Tue, 7/295:00pmBrother Short
Fri, 8/14:30pmThe Remedy
Fri, 8/19:00pmVelveeta
Sat, 8/21:30pmVelveeta
Mon, 8/43:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Fri, 8/84:30pmThe Abilene Band
Sat, 8/91:30pmOccasional Reign
Mon, 8/113:00pmWelcome Party Monda...
Mon, 8/115:00pmPat O'Brennan Duo
Fri, 8/159:00pmLady Invidia
Sat, 8/161:30pmOriginal Fantasy's
Fri, 8/229:00pmCrazy Nites
Fri, 8/294:30pmGood Guys Band
Sat, 8/301:30pmThe Remedy
Sat, 8/309:00pmShallow 9
Fri, 9/54:30pmEighties Enough
Fri, 9/59:00pmKing Street
Sat, 9/61:30pmAmerican Band
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